Whether you're a home or commercial office, or just an average user in need of home networking, Prairie IT Services is the place to go!

Prairie IT is dedicated to bringing you all the support you could require for your network. We'll take the time to go over all the details of your environment with you, to ensure that all bases are covered and you are meeting the goals you have set. If you have existing servers that need to be maintained, a firewall that needs to be secured or are just starting and need help to design and build your network from the ground up, Prairie IT will be with you every step of the way!

Prairie IT offers various wireless products and solutions to suit almost any business property. We use the latest technology to find the best options for WiFi coverage such as heat maps* and even provide remote signal monitoring to catch issues before they happen! Want to setup an open WiFi connection for your customers that automatically redirects them to your webpage when they connect? Or a paid hotspot to subsidize your internet costs? We can help there too!

We offer various VPN connection options which gives you the flexibility to access your office network and files while away, from anywhere in the world!

We can even help cut down your IT costs and go green by virtualizing your servers, or provide off-site cloud solutions!

Whether it is setting up a printer for your home office or handling server maintenance and security for small to medium sized businesses, Prairie IT has got you covered.

*Heat maps are to provide an estimate of coverage only. Different things can affect area coverage drastically such as walls, trees, and weather.

Prairie IT Network Rack
Prairie IT Wireless Network Heatmap
Prairie IT Outdoor Wireless Radio
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